Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Ready for Knee Slaps Galore!

I stumbled upon Brendan Donnelly's blog through White Lightning about a year ago and it has been a daily read ever since. Brendan is hilarious. He has my kind of humor. Like gross, perverted shit, with a little twist of trailer park. But nonetheless he's got serious style, and easy on the eyes, so it's cool. He reminds me of a dear friend of Bub's, Sir Nathan Andrews. Yeah, THE Nathan Andrews who hits on pregnant women and sends pics of successful poops to Pat. I'm surprised I haven't done a post on either one of these men yet. But here you are. And you love it. Oh and Brendan's blog, yeah not so work appropriate. I learned that the hard way unfortunately....but that's what makes it good. Haha. Enjoy.

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