Thursday, February 5, 2009

I know we are a little late on this but...

The Wackness was a dope movie! Bubs and I watched it last night after our friends Mike and Megs lent it to us. It's basically about this white boy in NYC who slangs pot out of an Italian Ice cart and loves hip hop. The soundtrack is money btw. (Note to self find free mixtape somewhere.) The movie brings on total nostalgia to high school days. Plus homeboy's love interest is named Stephanie. I used to hate my name up until I saw this movie. Haha. My favorite quotes from the movie are:
1. "Know what your problem is, Shapiro? It's that you just have this really shitty way of looking at things, ya know? I don't have that problem. I just look at the dopeness. But you, it's like you just look at the wackness, ya know?"
2. "You're a virgin?" "No. Naw. I just haven't officially had sex yet."
3. "I got mad love for you shorty. That’s on the real. I just want to listen to Boys To Men every time I'm around you "
4. "Peace out, forever!"
This one reminds me on something Pat's dad said to me the first day I met him:
5. "Never, EVER, EVER trust anyone who says they don't like dogs! You meet someone who doesn't like dogs you alert the authorities IMMEDIATELY and you sure as SHIT don't MARRY THEM!

These two just secretly got married in real life! I know it's not as surprising as when we found out Deb and Dexter got married, but still worthy of a post. We just started watching The Fringe and it's pretty sweet.

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