Friday, January 30, 2009

What I'm wearing tonight

Sexual cardigan By Temperley (From CatWalk Queen)

Or Maybe this halfsie by Betsey Johnson:
Lil Weezy T. Duh.

7 Jeans:Tom Binns Cuff: "Rock Out. Shoot the Bull"!

Some Stuart Weitzman Pumps:
Prada Bag:
Made Her Think ring, the blue one?

I'm going for the Hollywood look. Let's just say I'd wear this outfit to an AI audition. Haha! (Posting on my possible singing talents coming soon.)

Oh, and P.S. none of these items are in my closet. I do not posses them. But feel free to buy them on the interwebz and ship them to XXXX Waldrof Blvd., #XXX, Madison, WI XXXXX. Only VIP BFFs can read my address, so go away creepertons. Ha! Like anyone reads this blog. And if you do....make your presence known now.

Oh, and P.S.S. I'm not going out tonight, my back is fucked up and i will be an old women for the next 3-6 months. Yeah, it's that bad. Post coming soon. And as it turns out the meds my Doc prescribed to me turn me into Chatty Cathy.

My Bro's blog, Peep My Words, Made me think of this!!

Be sure to check out his blog (actually he's one of the contributors. All his boys contribute too. Like a little community, so cute!!) and read the 'Square Translations' of Ghostface Killer's Apollo Kids. So good!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When your love is the nuts and bolts of your life

Seal the deal with these rad rings!! Via Kitsune Noir

Mind Boggling

Balenciaga footwear via Harper's Bazaar I don't know how I feel about this yet. I'd wear the tights tho thats fosho.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



NO:Baja California Starburst are far better than Tropical Starburst. Don't learn this the hard way like me. Please pass this information on to all of your loved ones.

A Girl To Despise....

This is Jane Aldridge. She is in high school and has an epic vintage wardrobe which she blogs about in Sea of Shoes. The girl has a serious eye for fashion, and of course a shoe collection that is straight off Ridonckulous Street. I hate her. Not really....I am so overly jelous of her...that it comes out as hate. Mad envious.

Oh Yeah, and this is her Pops: Link
Oh, it's only Chanel's Karl-Fucking-A-Ledgerfeld. No wonder the kid's a prodigy.

1. I want all of this 2. I'm going to start making jewelry again

I just discovered this via The Daily Coyote who humps the creator of these gorgeous pieces, The Noisy Plume . Her jewelry is so dainty and impeccably made. She travels all around to find rad stones, and her silver work is awesome. She works with a lot of turquoise which i am a fiend for! Her work has really inspired me to get back into creating art. I used to make jewelry all the time. Nothing serious like this, but I think I may take a couple classes and learn how to be a legit jewelry designer. I could possibly make some loot. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Dang. Look at how dark that bedroom is! That's ballsie (sp?) ballsey? ballzie? (Via AT)

ChiCity Recap

Another thing to be jelz of Katie G. over, her angel dog, Balboa:

Skinny bitches photoshoot. How bonkerztown does E-Money look?!?!? Liquid Leggings? Shut.The.Front.Door.
Caught a limo ride like it's our job:
These boys are all bark.....
Love this girl
Just Dance. Gonna be ok. Dadadeedup. Just Dance.
Linkdinner: Cafe Barbariba
cocktails: Wrightwood Tap
Champagne: Underground
Dancing: Le Passage

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Gear for the Dome Piece

Playing it Safe Susan:
Nutty, "I work at an ad agency" specs:
Black Ninja Steez:

You like?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Friday inspiration for you betches

A-freaking-men (via sporkorfoon) LinkLinkDelish (via sporkorfoon)
Just bought some sky blue paint hmmmmm.....

This is the TYPE of shit I'm talking about! (Lowercase scarf via Little Factory)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Headed to The Chi

To see this crazy bitch for her cumpleanos. E-Money and I are going to shake up Chicago for 24 straight hours.

Another Blog that if you don't read= we are not friends

The Daily Coyote is one of my favorite blogs ever. Its about this women who rescued a baby coyote, Charlie, and has been raising him since on a ranch with a new puppy and a cat. Homegirl is a really great photographer, so the photos are stellar, and she lives in Wyoming, so the backdrop is gorgeous. I think she's a Glutard too! I look at this blog daily. She's been doing it for a while so it's fun to start at the very beginning and watch Charlie grow!

Hand it over and nobody gets hurt

Those god damned Swedes are so ill at that simplicity thing. From Apartment Therapy.

Icanhascheezeburger never get's old to me

If you haven't gone to this site yet, you are a loser and you are not my friend. JkJk. But seriously.

Good Ideas from Bubs

After Pat looked at my blog (let's be cereal, after me nagging and nagging him to critique my first blog the same way I ask him to take out the trash or something) he said it was good, but I should include a post on traveling....and where I have traveled in my life. Where I have lived. Where I want to travel. So here goes....

I currently live here:

Madison, WI

I have lived here:
Portland, OR

and also here for a month:Granada, Nicaragua

I have traveled here (omitting the thousands of cities I have been to while traveling on my soccer teams):

Miami, FL
Vancouver, B.C.
Burlington, VT
Cozumel, Mexico

I would like to go here:

The Greek Islands
New York
Costa Rica

.....I mean... do I have to keep going? I should have just answered- ANYWHRE BESIDES MADISON, WI

God that post was gay.