Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Get That Tuesdays

So every Tuesday I've decided I'm going to post a bunch of stuff I either want, or I think is pretty fiyah and people with more money in their bank accounts than me need to get....and give to me?

1. duh:

Obama Art from Tycooning

2. Urban Knitware from Etsy for people like me with unsightly necks....haha

3. This kitchen is bomb. Look at all that glorious space!! I sometimes cry when I'm making dinner in my teeny weeny apt. because I don't have enough counter space. I burn oven mits all the time because I throw them on an ignited burner like it's my job.

4. This wall covering is bonkerztown.com!! Both kitchen design and wall covering from one of my favorite blogs; Design*Sponge!!

5. Petie! I know it's ridiculously cliche, because I'm already pretty friggin girlie, the last thing I need is a bunny (cue Bubba's eye roll now) and I'm sure Girdie would stalk poor Petie and once I turn my back she would tear it's sweet little throat to pieces in one fowl swoop.....BUUUUT a girl can dream, yadadamean?!?! For those who would like to see this Swan Song take place go scoop up Petie and leave him at my doorstep. Thanks DCHS!!

P.S. Post on my Zoo at home coming soon!!

1 comment:

  1. whhyyyyyy do we all want bunnies? because i totally want a bunny. look up flemish giants. they are like bunnies put through a re-big-ulator. HUGE BUNNIES!