Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

When people leave idiotic notes instead of just talking to your face:

When People pretend to like children or people who are afraid of children:
Shy People: Especially the couple on my apt. floor whom I walk by every morning on the way to the garage, and shout "HELLO GOOD MORNING! HOW ARE YOU?" and they have yet to say anything. They are not deaf, because once, the girl said "excuse me" when she was coming out the door and I was coming in. If she can say that, why can't she say "hi" when we walk by each other? I looked up images for 'shy people' and found this:

Next blockbuster pick Bubs?

When I'm bored all I do is eat. I looked up 'eat when bored' on google, and found this:
I think this girl was documenting all the sluts at her high school...when she's trying not to eat out of boredom? I should try that. Not cool part: All the Stephanie's. Haha

People eating bananas: (This is a women btw)
The banana remnants get all over your lips and the sound people make when they are eating them makes me nauseous. They taste pretty good though.

Bad Haircuts. Why do I pay $40+ for shit like this:

Yeah some chic from JC Penny's Salon cut and styled my hair like this! No joke. So I fixed it:
Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Nothing says 'I'm slightly manic in the winter' more than a couple of these beauties:

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  1. COOOMMMEEEDDDYYYY !!! Leaving notes is one my biggest grinders !! God damn I hate that !! That horror of a lady Char did that to me @ the edgewater and that is the main reason I hated her and put up a naughty screensaver on her computer and got fired !!! Stupid notes, man up people !!